Professor Ismail Gogenur

Professor Ismail Gogenur

Founder and Leader
Center for Surgical Science (and Head of Surgical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Founder and Leader of Center for Surgical Science


Professor Ismail Gogenur

Ismail Gögenur is the founder and leader of Center for Surgical Science, a multidisciplinary re-search unit consisting of molecular biologists, data scientists, bioinformaticians and clinical re-searchers involved in translational research, clinical research (including multi-center internation-al trials) and Big Data methodologies.

He has more than 500 scientific articles published in national and international peer-reviewed medical journals. His overarching research focus is within the development and implementation of new surgical treatments and on surgical pathophysiology.

A main research goals is to provide essential insights on improving patient care in relation to oncological surgery. Particularly, he is deeply riveted to explore the individual risk profiles of patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery and their effect on short- and long-term oncologi-cal outcomes. Therefore, he has special focus on personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, and development of a Big Data platform as a decision-making tool to reduce morbidity and mor-tality.

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Professor Ismail Gogenur

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