Jana Miniarikova, PhD

Jana Miniarikova, PhD

Randstad, The Netherlands

Healthcare Research Expert and PhD in Gene Therapy


Jana Miniarikova, PhD

Jana is entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Hypherdata. She is leading the development of a data procurement platform to improve access to Real World Data (RWD) in the age of Artificial Intelligence, Precision Medicine, and new European Regulations.

Armed with a PhD in Gene Therapy, Jana boasts a wealth of expertise in the field of Healthcare research. Her work includes a patent on a Huntington's Disease Gene Therapy from Uniqure Biopharma, currently undergoing clinical trials.

Jana has accrued an additional decade of invaluable experience in business and consulting for startups and SMEs. She is actively involved in raising awareness for EHDS in Slovakia and Eastern Europe, leveraging her platform to effect positive change in healthcare communities.

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Jana Miniarikova, PhD

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