Magnus Nydén

Magnus Nydén

Head of Innovation
Gothenburg, Sweden

Magnus is at the forefront of integrating AI and digital science to transform pharmaceutical development


Magnus Nydén

Magnus Nydén is the Head of Innovation at AstraZeneca, where he leads the Digital Science and AI-, the Lean- and the Innovation- and Business Development teams within Pharmaceutical Technology & Development. With a career spanning both academia and industry, Magnus brings expertise that allows him to act at the interfaces between chemistry, physics, biology, material science, spectroscopy and applied mathematics, including artificial intelligence.

Magnus began his academic career after completing his MSc and PhD in Physical Chemistry and Material Science from Lund University, specializing in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. In 1999, he joined Chalmers University of Technology as an assistant professor, rising to the position of full professor by 2008. His academic contributions include supervising 30 PhD students and 20 postdoctoral researchers, with a focus on spectroscopy, material science and applied mathematics.

In 2012, Magnus transitioned to the University of South Australia as an institute director, where he led various large-scale research initiatives. He continued to build on his leadership experience at UCL as head of school in 2015, before moving to AkzoNobel as the global chief scientist. In 2019, he took on the role of CTO and public policy director at Liquid Wind in Sweden, focusing on sustainable energy solutions.

Returning to academia, Magnus served as the executive dean of science and engineering at Macquarie University in Sydney. His tenure was marked by significant advancements in education, scientific research and innovation, in particular in using AI for advancing university offering to students with low grades. The intention was to mitigate the negative effects seen in the world inequality report where children in high income families on average have lower grades than students in families with high income.

At AstraZeneca, Magnus is at the forefront of integrating AI and digital science to transform pharmaceutical development. He leads a program aimed at creating a holistic digital twin of AstraZeneca’s business, employing various AI methods, including Generative AI. This initiative seeks to optimize the development process, reduce costs, lower the carbon footprint, and enhance productivity, ultimately improving the accessibility and affordability of medicines for our patients.

Magnus's professional journey is complemented by his passion for the ocean and racket sports. He is a former Swedish national champion in table tennis, demonstrating his dedication and competitive spirit.

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