Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc

Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc

Sr. Industry Science Director
The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data
Gotherburg, Sweden

hD, Health Data Strategy Advisor, Sr Industry Science Director, i-HD, Executive Strategy Advisor, IgniteData, Chairman of the Board of IMIT


Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc

Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc, is a distinguished authority in Health Data Strategy, serving both industry and academia. With an impressive career spanning over 37 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Mats has made significant contributions across various domains, including Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, IT R&D, Patents, Clinical Science, and Data Science & AI. His work places him at the forefront of technological innovation in the field.

In 2022, after a notable 12-year tenure as the global integration lead for Electronic Health Records (EHR) services at AstraZeneca, Mats expanded his professional scope. He now serves as the Senior Industry Scientific Director for the i~HD (European Institute for Innovation through Health Data), an Executive Strategic Advisor for IgniteData, which develops a system-agnostic EHR-to-EDC solution for clinical trials, and Chairman of the Board of the Research Foundation IMIT (Institute of Managing Innovation and Technology). This foundation spans prestigious institutions such as Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University of Technology, and Stockholm School of Business. Additionally, he is a Board Member of the Center for Health Governance at Gothenburg University.

Mats has an extensive body of work, with over 70 publications, books, and patents in the fields of Science, Economics, and Social Science. His areas of expertise include Health Data Science, Clinical Science, Business Modelling, Innovation & Creativity Management, and Device Development.

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Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc

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