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In times where AI is rapidly becoming a transformative force across numerous industries, EviDynamics strives to establish a dynamic forum for knowledge exchange and learning tailored to those involved with Real World Evidence and Data.

Our mission is to deliver actionable insights. Rather than offering a broad, surface-level overview, EviDynamics concentrates on providing practical know-how, detailed use cases, and interactive workshops. These elements are designed to inspire participants to translate what they learn into innovative ideas, strategies, and initiatives within their own organizations.

As a conference primarily funded by ticket sales, our independence from large sponsors and third-party interests allows us to carefully curate each session and speaker with our guests' needs at the forefront.

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When we shape conferences, we always want to create lasting experiences. Events for all senses, with no compromises.

We value the time of all our guests, and we can guarantee you that we work all year to provide you with valuable learnings, actionable ideas and lots of networking opportunities in high-quality surroundings.

All our conferences are primarily ticket-finances, which means that there are no big corporations behind dictating the program or sacrificing quality sessions for marketing goals.

We hope that you will sense the difference. In every detail.

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Expect two days of inspiration, networking, fun, good food all taking place in a high-quality environment. To learn more about our values you can have a look at our Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions or ideas, let us know.

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The EviDynamics has been curated and designed by Westwerk Events, creators of cuttinge-edge tech conferences like the UXN Health, UX Nordic, prompt:UX or WoMM Conference. Our mission is to create state-of-the-art quality events for all senses, combining actionable leanings, with inspiration, networking and fun.

Stina Moldrup Event coordinator

Stina Moldrup

Sponsorship Coordinator
Alicja Depka International Coordinator

Alicja Depka

International Coordinator

Laura Sell

Conference Design Lead

Luciano Lykkebo

Conference Director

Medicon Valley Alliance

Arne Jacobsens Alle 15, 2300 Copenhagen

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Welcome to Copenhagen

A Capital of Innovation

Copenhagen, renowned not just for its iconic mermaid and for being a Life Sciences Cluster, is also a center for innovation, technology and forward-thinking scientists.

The EviDynamics 2024 is scheduled from October 29 to 30 and will take place at the Medicon Valley Alliance's Headquarters close to the city center.